The mission of Coast Time is simple: to provide artists and writers with time. The Oregon coast in Lincoln County is a slow place, a culturally isolated and somewhat foggy beach community where driftwood is more readily available than fine food. We’ve found that the slackened timeframe of the Oregon coast makes for a powerful studio tool. It offers artists and writers a tangible sense of time dilation, an opportunity to step outside of regular process and rethink the time dynamic of their overall practice. It is a great place to get work done and to reassess the way in which one works. While residing at Coast Time, there are no expectations of the kind of work you will make, or even if you ultimately make any work at all. We want to provide you with the time and space to think, assess, process, and create.

Coast Time is anxious to welcome artists and writers from around the country and globe into the Oregon art hub. Residents will be offered opportunities to meet, critique, and dine with artists, writers and art professionals from Portland and Eugene. Should you desire, Coast Time can also facilitate exhibitions of Residency work. These opportunities are optional; feel free to take advantage of them or to focus solely on your practice.